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Not For Profit Executive Recruitment Gold Coast

In the not for profit job sector, it’s essential to hire strong leaders who can strengthen and grow healthy communities by delivering crucial services for the benefit of the general public. The right leader will not only possess superior business and strategic intellect but will also support the needs of the community, their team and the organisation. At Jeff Wood Executive Recruitment we specialise in not for profit executive recruitment in the Northern New South Wales, Gold Coast and Brisbane regions.

For over 30 years, we’ve been proudly sourcing the best nationwide talent to fill senior leadership roles in the community services industry. We’ve gained an enviable reputation for being a trusted not for profit recruitment agency that has matched countless employers with professional and highly skilled leaders.

Not For Profit Executive Recruitment Gold Coast

What Is Not For Profit Executive Recruitment?

Not for profit executive search firms are invaluable when it comes to filling high-level job positions within the sector. At Jeff Wood Executive Recruitment, we save our clients time and money by using an in-depth recruitment process to vet candidates using the specified skill set required for each role. We source, interview, shortlist and hire candidates who are experts in the not for profit job sector and have the initiative to go above and beyond for the success of your organisation.

Not only do we match our clients with qualified candidates on a professional level, we take the time to interact with every individual to determine their suitability on a personal level and ensure that they share the same values, beliefs, and ambitions as you do.


Executive Recruitment

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Full suite of executive recruitment services for C Level and Board appointments for South-East Queensland & Northern NSW region, ensuring best-fit candidates meet the organisation’s requirements.

Unbundled Service

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For the organisation that likes to manage their recruitment – we can help by shortlisting candidates on your behalf, as well as reference check & notify those unsuccessful to maintain your brand reputation.

Your HR Support

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Sometimes you just need to ask someone who is in the know… anything from latest salary advice, job description support, advertisement templates, best interview questions & much more.

We’re Leading Not For Profit Executive Recruiters

Our expertise as a recruitment agency in the not for profit industry spans an impressive 30 years and counting. We’ve developed a deep understanding and respect for the many types of roles available in community services and the special skill set required of each individual in a leading management position. That’s why we screen each and every suitable candidate in our database

We have a network of industry recruitment experts who use their own first-hand knowledge of the market to select only the most outstanding candidates that tick every box.

We regularly place senior executives in top-level roles within the not for profit industry such as CEO, COO, CFO, General Manager, Marketing Manager, People and Culture Manager and Communications Manager. We also successfully place candidates in executive and senior management roles across all other industries including healthcare, aged care, child care, education, marketing, sales, IT, manufacturing, retail and more.

Gold Coast Not For Profit Recruitment

We’ll Work With You To Find The Best

We use our unmatched expertise and industry contacts to offer professional and personalised not for profit executive recruitment on the Gold Coast. Our services also extend to the Northern New South Wales region and Brisbane. Hiring the right person for a leadership team is a crucial step in the growth of your organisation. We’ll make sure your investment pays off by delivering a successful hire the first time, every time. Give us a call today to discuss what we can do for you and your business.

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