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Marketing Executive Recruiter Gold Coast

We’re a professional marketing executive recruiter on the Gold Coast with over 30 years’ experience. We find and recruit marketing specialists into executive roles across a wide range of industries. Our headquarters are based in a central location on the Gold Coast and we extend our recruitment services to the Northern New South Wales region and up to Brisbane.

We keep on top of marketing trends and changes in the industry to ensure we always know exactly what is required of a top marketing executive. We’ll work with you to define your individual needs and source the highest quality candidates with skills and values that align with your business.

Whatever your job requirements, you can trust Jeff Wood Executive Recruitment to find the best marketing executives in the industry that will stand out from the crowd and make your company shine. Our candidates are not only exceptional leaders and master strategists, they’re innovators who aren’t afraid to put forth new ideas and initiate change.

Marketing Executive Recruiter Gold Coast

What Is Marketing Executive Recruitment?

A marketing executive is among the most exciting and demanding roles in the job market today. With responsibilities that include everything from brand awareness and market research to overseeing all campaigns and communication channels, marketing executives are often the difference between the success and failure of a company.

Finding the right marketing executive can be a tough and time-consuming task. As one of the top marketing recruitment agencies in Australia, it’s our job to source the most qualified and experienced marketing minds for your company or business. We take the hassle out of a complicated process and use our tried and tested recruitment system to thoroughly screen candidates at every stage of the process. We uncover talent with superior skills that cover all aspects of marketing, from the technical to the creative, and match them on both a professional and personal level to ensure they are a perfect fit for your company.


Executive Recruitment

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Full suite of executive recruitment services for C Level and Board appointments for South-East Queensland & Northern NSW region, ensuring best-fit candidates meet the organisation’s requirements.

Unbundled Service

marketing recruitment agencies gold coast

For the organisation that likes to manage their recruitment – we can help by shortlisting candidates on your behalf, as well as reference check & notify those unsuccessful to maintain your brand reputation.

Your HR Support

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Sometimes you just need to ask someone who is in the know… anything from latest salary advice, job description support, advertisement templates, best interview questions & much more.

Why Choose Jeff Wood Executive Recruitment?

We have over 30 years of experience in senior executive recruitment and have successfully filled countless executive and senior management job positions in Australia. Our dedicated team have extensive knowledge of the marketing industry and know exactly how to screen a candidate’s skills and background to determine their suitability for a top-level marketing role.

We’re across the full breadth of industries who require marketing experts including healthcare, aged care, childcare, education, not for profit, sales, IT, retail, manufacturing and much more. Whether you’re a large company looking for a highly experienced leader or a smaller retail company who requires the help of a professional marketing manager recruitment firm, we’ll match you with your ideal candidate.

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We’re The Specialists In Marketing Executive Recruitment

Drive your company towards success by hiring the right person for your marketing executive roles. Call us today and discover why we’re the number one marketing executive recruiter on the Gold Coast. You can also learn more about our services by visiting our Employers and Job Seekers pages.

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