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Child Care Executive Recruitment Gold Coast

We’re experts in child care executive recruitment on the Gold Coast. Our highly regarded position in the child care sector has enabled us to build valuable connections across the early education industry.

We’ve built a network of professional contacts with experience in every area of child care who have the skills to lead and motivate both their team and a new generation of students.

Child Care Executive Recruitment Gold Coast

Why Is It Important To Hire The Right Leaders In Child Care?

To ensure that all Australian children get the very best start in life and are prepared for future education, we need to hire the best leaders to guide them.

Early childhood leaders have the unique opportunity to enact a positive influence on a child at an age when their intellectual, creative and spiritual sides are just beginning to take shape. It’s imperative that we hire inspirational individuals with the right skills needed to nurture a child’s development and wellbeing during this time.

Leaders in child care play a major role in building the basic skills a child will require to succeed in school and grow into a healthy adult.


Executive Recruitment

Child Care Executive Recruiter Gold Coast

Full suite of executive recruitment services for C Level and Board appointments for South-East Queensland & Northern NSW region, ensuring best-fit candidates meet the organisation’s requirements.

Unbundled Service

Child Care Executive Recruitment Specialist Gold Coast

For the organisation that likes to manage their recruitment – we can help by shortlisting candidates on your behalf, as well as reference check & notify those unsuccessful to maintain your brand reputation.

Your HR Support

Child Care Industry Recruiter Gold Coast

Sometimes you just need to ask someone who is in the know… anything from latest salary advice, job description support, advertisement templates, best interview questions & much more.

We’re A Leading Child Care Executive Recruiter

Jeff Wood Executive Recruitment has over 30 years’ experience as an esteemed child care industry recruiter. We source highly qualified candidates who have what it takes to excel in an early childhood education executive position.

We don’t just find senior executives who fit the position, we find the right individuals who will fit your company. We put candidates through a comprehensive vetting process to ensure they have the professional skills and background to suit your job requirements. Then we engage with them on a personal level to determine whether their personality and values match your own and they will be a valuable asset to your business and team.

Gold Coast Child Care Recruitment Specialist

You can trust us to:

  •       Provide professional and personalised recruitment services
  •       Use our extensive database of talent to source experienced candidates in child care education
  •       Use a thorough and proven vetting method that takes care of every step of the recruitment process, from advertising and interviewing to shortlisting and follow-ups
  •       Find the right fit for your company
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Types Of Child Care Executive Roles

We specialise in filling the following executive and senior management positions in child care:

We also regularly fill education executive positions and find exceptional leaders who are dedicated to building a stronger education industry for both students and education providers alike.

Your Success Is Our Top Priority

Jeff Wood Executive Recruitment is the preferred choice for child care executive recruitment on the Gold Coast. Based in the heart of the city, we extend our services from Northern New South Wales to Brisbane. Call us today to discuss your job needs and discover how we can help find the right fit.

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